Andrew Mohrer Interview


I caught up with New York street photographer Andrew Moherer on his stylistic choices and approach towards his cinematic street shots…

Andrew Mohrer is a Brooklyn based photographer who specialises in capturing New York street life and portraiture, with a distinctive cinematic aesthetic that has become synonymous with his work. He's a world-renowned photographer who has worked on campaigns for industry clients for Canon(Asia) and Carl Zeiss (Germany) and four of his images were recently used to create the main title sequence for the mini-series "The Night Of" on HBO.

Hi Andrew, how did you get started in photography and what was your first camera? 

Photography caught my interest at an early age. I have a picture of myself holding a Kodak film camera when I was 6 years old. In mid-2009 I bought a Canon 5D Mark II and that's when I started taking it more seriously.

You have a very distinctive signature style, using a cinematic aesthetic really makes your images stand out a lot. What are the origins of this stylistic choice and how has it helped you in your career?

After purchasing the 5D Mark II and a bunch of lenses I felt the need to justify spending so much money. I had already started doing some research about photography but didn't really have a clue what direction to go in. There weren't any excuses for sub-par work with a real professional camera in my hands. The more I learnt about digital photography I realized not only do you have to be proficient at taking pictures but the editing process is equally important if not more so. With a copy of Lightroom and Photoshop I began experimenting. Photoshop was a bit overwhelming at first, you could spend a lifetime with it and still only explore 10% of its capabilities. I started challenging myself to make these street snapshots into "fake movie stills". Suddenly these everyday street pictures turned into something special. When you make the image feel cinematic it creates a mood and atmosphere that is believable. The viewer can then put themselves in the picture and draw their own conclusions on whats happening. Over the years I've supplied images to a lot of amazing companies and worked with so many great people. Without very much promotion on my part, I am continually humbled by all the work that comes my way. My images have been featured in campaigns around the world and given me the opportunity to touch a lot of people. I'm truly grateful for all positive feedback and interest people have in my photography. 

More of Andrew's work can be found here